Poèmes Des Angles: Group Show Fondation Le Corbusier, Paris

2 January - 9 February 2019

  Four artists, just like the four corners of the same room at Maison la Roche, each one possessing the artists’ own distinctive vision.
What brings them together? Le Corbusier, of course! All of these artists have exhibited their work or completed a residency in places as exceptional as the Unite d’Habitation of Marseille or the Villa “Le Lac”. Conceived as a circuit, which is part of the continuity of this initial showdown, the exhibition offers unpublished works; collages and paintings essentially.

The proposed exercise is fascinating since it questions the relationship between the artists and the “Corbusean” language, as well as the conditions of in situ creation. The heterogeneous visual writings of these artists behave as the colours, the words, the lines and the drawings of the Poem of the right angle, and end up forming a polyphonic ensemble, a harmonious unity; each one from their own perspective.

The title of this exhibition is a nod to the Poem of the Right Angle, a lithographic collection that is relatively unknown to the general public, and yet constitutes an artistic transposition of Le Corbusier’s built and painted work. Although many know the architect, few know indeed the protean artist, in turn writer, sculptor, designer and painter. Le Corbusier claims the "synthesis of the arts"; hence his artistic and architectural work obey the same creative act and enrich one another.  Whether it is colours, literary or theoretical writings, buildings or paintings, it is the work of Le Corbusier as a whole that becomes the fertile crucible for the inspiration of the artists presented in this exhibition.