Hyphens: Group Show — 59 Rivoli, Paris

26 November - 24 December 2017


            A Hyphen in itself is trivial: a tiny line, smaller than a dash, bigger than a dot. A punctuation mark used to join words, which often remains unnoticed. Nevertheless it avoids confusion, clarifies ideas and can change a context.
Hyphenating a name is a legal formality, an act of unifying families or business, a way of honouring their legacies.
          Hyphenated compounds are also used in the intermediary stage of acceptance to connect unrelated words to emerging concepts attached to them. As they become more prominent in our language and society, we often merge them and create new words to relate to them.
          The exhibition Hyphen was shaped around this concept of transition, bonding the artists in between space of their -diverse- studio practice. This line activates material from invisible to visible, defines spaces or boundaries as much as it questions its symbolic and formal aspects of the artists.
Hyphen transitions the works on view to a new paradigm, without anticipation.  Hyphenating their work by breaking down the walls of their studios and bridging the gulf between them in a new environment, enables new frames of possibilities.