Tatiana Wolska

 Born in 1977 in Zawiercie, Poland. Lives and works in Brussels, Belgium.


Comprising sculptures, installations and works on paper, Tatiana Wolska engages in a multidisciplinary practice that is characterized by organic structures shaped through economy of means, repetition and simplicity of the gesture.

The artist uses recycled waste materials as the foundation of her sculptural work, transforming the detritus through a meticulous process, and reducing it to its most simple form. Describing herself a 'junk collector', Tatiana Wolska uses discarded plastic bottles, rusty nails and old foam mattresses and 'gives them new breath'. She engages the symbolic potential of found objects by transforming these humble, discarded materials into seductive poetic, biomorphic sculptures.

Tatiana Wolska graduated from the Art School Villas Arson in Nice. She has had numerous solo and group exhibitions in galleries and institutions such as: Palais de Tokyo in Paris, Frac Corse in Corte (FR), Villa Empain in Brussels (BE) or Frac Centre-Val de Loire in Orléans (FR).